Medicine for Women

How dangerous preeclampsia : preeclampsia and eclampsia About 30 % of pregnant women in varying degrees, suffer from preeclampsia , which is characterized by a triad of symptoms : edema , proteinuria , hypertension . Severe complications of preeclampsia and eclampsia are preeclampsia . Eclampsia until delivery occurs in 68 – 75 % of women in labor at 27 – 30 % in the first three days after birth, 1 – 2 % of the cases . Risk of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia is a threat not only fetal life , but also the mother. Continue reading

It’s no secret that breastfeeding is the best option of feeding a baby. The benefits of breastfeeding has been known since ancient times , and not only because it did not exist formula. Unfortunately, many modern women abandon breastfeeding or breast-feeding a baby in a psychological reasons or fear to spoil the shape. The process of breastfeeding Breastfeeding (natural ) feeding – this is the only form of nourishment physiological newborn person , during which the child not only gets all the nutrients and protection against infections , but also to establish close contact with the mother ( which is reflected in the relationship of mother and child in the future) . The following types of breast feeding : breastfeeding is the biological or adoptive mother ; breastfeeding nurse ; Breastfeeding your baby your expressed breast milk ; feeding baby expressed breast milk donor . In breast women not breastfeeding , are the milk ducts , but as secretory tissue is not sufficiently developed , they do not function . During pregnancy there is a proliferation of the secretory tissue , begin to branch ducts and alveoli are formed at the ends , which accumulates in the milk. In the second half of pregnancy in breast colostrum begins to form , but it does not stand out so suppressed placental hormone – progesterone. Continue reading

Sex During Pregnancy Many pregnant women , especially nulliparous crook try to avoid intimate relationships. And it is absolutely not correct, except when sex during pregnancy is contraindicated for medical reasons. Pregnancy – is a wonderful period in the life of people loving each other , it often makes sex life brighter and more saturated . Whether it is possible during pregnancy to have sex ? Pregnancy – is the norm , not the disease . As you know, the beginning of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes hormonal whole ” storm .” Against this background of perestroika future mother occur not only changes in physiological terms , but emotionally . Continue reading

Contraceptives for women : the female condom The female condom is a relatively new means of contraception , and has appeared on the market only in 1990. Female condom – is the only method for women , designed not only to protect against unwanted pregnancy , but also to protect against infections , sexually transmitted infections. It is simple and easy to use , but only if there is a certain experience and skills. What is the female condom ? Female condom ( THEMIS ) is a hollow tube made of polyurethane with two rings , and designed to be inserted into the vagina. One ring of a smaller diameter , is located by the blind end of the tube . This ring is necessary to cover the cervix during intercourse (like diaphragms ) . Continue reading

Having a baby changes almost everything in life, including sexual relations . Problems that arise in terms of sex after childbirth affect many women. Changes to a woman after childbirth, forced to take another look at intimacy , as a young father and mother . Physiological problems in sex after childbirth Doctors strongly prohibit sex during the first 6 – 8 weeks after birth. This is due to the fact that the uterus after childbirth is an open wound, and it needs this time for complete healing , and intimacy in this period is a potential threat to the development of inflammatory diseases. In addition, the selection after childbirth ( lochia ) extend to 2 months , which also contributes to the penetration of infection into the uterus and appendages and / or sexual contact can cause bleeding. Continue reading

Dermoid ovarian cyst ovarian cyst refers to a fairly common gynecological diseases . Dermoid cyst Statistics meets every five women with benign ovarian . Dermoid is not a terrible disease, but with the growth of cysts or too large size it should be removed . What is a dermoid cyst ?

Dermoid cyst refers to benign tumors of the ovary and is a cavity surrounded by a thin , but dense and expandable sheath of connective tissue and filled with liquid , like a jelly, the contents . In dermoid cysts developed sebaceous and sweat glands , so the content is often a liquid fat , which has a different tissue origin (often teeth, hair , nails , bones, cartilage and ear ) . Continue reading

Episiotomy : harm or benefit One of the biggest fears during pregnancy – is the fear of childbirth. How they will proceed , it will hurt or not, whether the kid will be born healthy and stuff, wave of the future mother. And, of course , without exception, all pregnant women shun like the plague episiotomy . Faced “horror stories” from girlfriends about episiotomy , many dream to do without it. Of course, the question of the crotch section – is a double edged sword , and episiotomy has both positive and negative sides. What is an episiotomy and its types Episiotomy – a surgical incision ( cut) the perineum, which is produced during the second stage . Depending on the side , which is directed incision distinguished: midline episiotomy or perineotomy – directed mid cut from the bridle of the labia minora to the side of the anus , not reaching it two centimeters ; lateral or lateral episiotomy – perineal dissection of the bridle of the labia minora to the side of the anus , at an angle. Also emit single and double episiotomy . Continue reading